Ryan Leddick



Perking ears and turning heads with his Soulful melodies and acoustic inspired rock lines, Ryan Leddick is in his own league with a collage of musical tools at his disposal.  His voice hints at the Adele like simplicities of pain and strength, as he uses his lyrics and unique songwriting ability to echo the humbling and thought provoking natures of Martin Sexton and Dave Matthews.  Ryan's 2015 EP "Live From Morris", was a mark of his authenticity and honesty mixed with his love of live performance.  




Having shared the stage with the likes of Damien Rice, Patty Larkin, and notable broadway artists, Ryan Leddick has blended years of experience into his work.  You'd be remised if you didn't hear him. 




With the new year upon us Ryan Leddick's Next EP will be out summer of 2018!

There are very few people in music who can move you with both the passion for their music and the raw emotions of their vocals...
— Joe Benevento - StRose Chronicle

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